Welcome to the very first issue of The Binder, a newsletter that gathers how digital platforms have transformed the way we consume editorial content. This first edition is inspired by the power of travel and different time perspectives; by how a bed sheets company uses editorial content to engage their audience and by how a magazine creates a great balance between print and digital content basing its issues in single objects.


We travel in new ways, therefore we need new types of travel guides. Trippin is a community bonded by the love of travel. Everything they do is geared towards inspiring people to take more trips. Trippin forges connections, opens our minds and reminds us that our differences are what make the world an exciting place.

Time Sensitive

When we think about editorial content, what first come to our minds are words and pictures. But what happens when the editorial content is digital editorial? Audio and video can improve our experience as shown in Time Sensitive, featuring candid, revealing portraits of curious and courageous people in business, the arts and beyond who have a distinct perspective on time.


Soft—Space is the content platform of Buffy, a comforter and sheets brand that approaches editorial content as a means to attract new customers and create engagement. Soft—Space talks about everyday habits, inspiring places and homes, good people and lovely everyday items.


MacGuffin magazine demonstrates how a printed magazine can have a digital platform showing part of their content by pulling users to the printed version. Basing each issue around a single object, MacGuffin magazine is a platform for fans of inspiring, personal, unexpected, highly familiar or utterly disregarded things.