Welcome back to TheBinder, issue 02.

On this new issue we will find a curated archive of ideas around critical design and speculative futures (hot topic right now). Differents references as an independent newsroom focussed on how Americans eat, a weekly updated platform of art criticism, a website encouraging the self-publishing on internet and an architecture and design editorial platform.

Hope you enjoy it 🙂

New Urgency

New Urgency is a curated archive and recopilation of ideas around critical design and speculative futures.

The Counter

The Counter is a nonprofit, independent, nonpartisan newsroom that focuses on the forces shaping how and what the America eats. Is the new kind of food journalism that goes beyond the gustatory to uncover the money, power, and politics behind our plates.

4 Columns

4Columns is a website of arts criticism. The title refers, quite literally, to what you’ll find there each week: four new columns, each with a distinctive voice and perspective. 4Columns offers a complex and compelling view of contemporary culture, from film to literature to theater to the visual arts.

Publish Something

Publish Something is a website that invites you to join the powerful and rewarding experience of self-publishing on internet.

Harvard University Graduate School of Design

The Graduate School of Design is a web that seeks for educate leaders in design, research and scholarship to create a resilient community.