Welcome to this new issue of TheBinder, we hope 2021 has started in the best possible way for all of you. We’ve noticed some technical issues in our latest emails, so we’ve back to a traditional png-cutandpaste-drag&drop newsletter to avoid the malfunctions due to our custom HTML. You will keep having access to our newsletter database here. Hope you enjoy:

New Reader

New Reader is an online library that organizes books by people. Through interviews, New Reader catalogs the sources that shape their minds. A clean and content-focused publication with a surprisedly image creation process working always with scanned physical materials

Tablet Magazine

An online platform about Jewish life, Tablet talks about news, ideas and culture. Designed by Pentagram and developed by Sanctuary Computer, Tablet’s newspaper-esque visual approach let us navigate through different topic using and horizontal Torah Scroll that combines tradition and digital environments.

The Stategist

Maybe this should have been a pre-Christmas link but hey, you could take profit in the upcoming sales! The Strategist is a platform created by The New York magazine that helps you shop the internet. It is edited by people (not robots) and is designed to surface the most useful, expert recommendations for things to buy across the vast e-commerce landscape.

Lovers Magazine

Formerly Interface Lovers, Lovers Magazine celebrates the life of an inclusive and diverse community of creative professionals. Lovers Magazine is a peek into what turns the best designers on about their craft and their passions.

2020 Mailchimp Annual Report

Who said Annual Reports are all visually the same? Here it comes Mailchimp to change our minds. With horizontal navigation and one of that hated-or-loved mascot as a guide, mail chimps explore in numbers and with different examples how this crazy pandemic year has evolved.