Welcome to the new issue of TheBinder, we are doing our best for keeping newsletters in a regular-basics schedule of publication but projects, side projects and life projects are taking our breath away. Here you go our selection of super links. Hope you enjoy.

Wasted Not

Being ecologically conscious is the only way to a sustainable future. As individuals we can waste less by shopping responsibly. As businesses and the people informing decisions made in commerce, we can reduce that waste at much larger scales. Waste Not’s mission is to help reduce at the scale of business so we can make an even bigger impact, together.


You can create a (boring) year in review full of data and marketing information or you can create a delightful document where you can talk about challenges, teamwork, life&work balance and the impact of work in our everyday life. Thanks Area17 for show us a different way to look what this last year has been for us.


A free digital toolkit from Airbnb Design that helps freelance illustrators optimize their business, so they have more time to focus on what they love. Tyrus is a free digital toolkit that empowers freelance illustrators to build better business skills, so they can focus less on project management and more on their craft.

Originals by Convicts

We tell stories about the status-quo shaking, relentlessly inspiring characters, actions and ideas moving the needle toward a better world. The right kind of trouble lives here. We publish and interact with audiences daily across platforms allowing us to understand, curate and optimize content. We know audiences and how to activate them.

Books Read By

Is a catalogue in the service of a greater reading culture. Founded by Anonymous in 2020, the site explores the reading habits of inspiring people (founders, leaders, makers, and everyone in between). Each survey is an intimate look into the books that have shaped and changed them.