Welcome to a new edition of TheBinder, here are this week’s 5 platforms. We will get to know in depth topics such as queer culture, music, art, cultural trends and books. See you again in two weeks!

Sissy Screens

Sissy Screens is a queer screen culture platform. They champion queer cinema and feature videos, essays, photography and host screenings and events. Directed by queer and gender diverse artists who are passionate about showcasing queer artists and their work, Sissy Screens is a not-for-profit organisation interested in content that provides a nuanced and evolving representation of LGBTQIA+ experiences.

Novembre Global

Novembre Global is a platform for expression, guiding individuals and professionals in search of inspiration, new styles and emergent cultural trends.

The Contemporary Journal

The Contemporary Journal is an online publishing platform edited by Nottingham Contemporary. It brings together interdisciplinary modes of enquiry in the fields of critical theory, artistic research, the curatorial, and visual cultures to widen our communities.

Wax Poetics

Wax Poetics explores the music trailblazers, cultures and stories that shape the sounds of yesterday, today, and beyond.

The European Review of Books

A new magazine of culture and commentary: the best essays, from many Europes and many languages. Online every week, book-length print issues three times a year. On books and everything else.