Welcome to a new edition of TheBinder, here are this week’s 5 platforms. We will get to know in depth topics such as photography, art research, journalism, technology and natural wines. See you again in two weeks!

Faculty Department

Faculty Department is a personal journal by photographer, Justin Chung, that focuses on the lives, spaces, and stories of creative individuals worldwide

Schemas of Uncertainty

Schemas of Uncertainty is a research project on the relation between prediction and prescription within current socio-political structures. The project examines the risks and possibilities emerging technologies pose to the imagination of other possible futures or realities. From divination to machine learning, the project looks at the potentials and problematics that exist at the limits of knowability. It considers uncertainty as a generative condition upon which other forms of sociability can be imagined.

Lighthouse Reports

Lighthouse Reports is a non-profit based in the Netherlands that leads complex transnational investigations blending traditional journalistic methods such as freedom of information requests with emerging techniques like open source intelligence and specialisms like data science.

Rest of world

Rest of World is an international nonprofit journalism organization. They document what happens when technology, culture and the human experience collide, in places that are typically overlooked and underestimated. Rest of world is a ridiculous corporate term commonly used in global business operations. It’s a catch-all phrase that means, basically, “everyone else.” And it generally represents billions of people outside of the Western world.

Damp Wine

A newsletter without added sulfites. Highlighting places to visit, bottles to drink, and events to attend. We tell the stories of honest people in wine who are dedicated to a better process.