Welcome to a new edition of TheBinder, here are this week’s 5 platforms. We will get to know in depth topics such as creative talents, bread, journalism, art history, climate and culture. See you again in two, four weeks!


Developments is a slow paced online media offering in depth interviews with strategic minds amongst the independent creative talents, whether they are emerging or world famous.

For the Love of Bread

This is the story about one of life’s key ingredients—bread. For thousands of years, in one form or another, it has been part of the daily lives of much of the world’s population.

The Saturday Paper

The Saturday Paper is a quality, independent title, dedicated to narrative journalism. It publishes key accounts of the week’s most pressing stories.


Obelisk is a place to explore the wildly diverse world of art history. Dive into 40,000 years of human creativity, discover artwork from around the world, and explore the stories of history’s most creative and inspiring people.


Atmos is an exploration of climate and culture, a biannual magazine and digital platform curated by an ecosystem of adventurers, creatives, and journalists dedicated to pioneering progress around the world.